Mr. Ajay & Ms. Khushboo

Ajay stays at Delhi and works at MNC Company. While serving his criteria, looking for home maker and educated girl. In his search we found khushboo from Agra, UP. She is so simple, educated family and other criteria also meet. Just we can say that they made for each other.

Mr. Suraj & Ms. Sunita

Sunita is very simple and from cultured family. She is technically qualified and working in Bangalore. Her criteria were from same field but looking to settle down in Delhi as her family also stays at Delhi. Looking for same caste and ancestral origin was to be same. In that search we tried our best and find Mr. Suraj matching with her all criteria. So, finally we got her Made for each other.

Mr Naveen & Dr Aditi

Mr. Naveen is from Azamgarh and MBA managing his hospital at same place. His criteria was for doctor bride. The condition was very tough due to location and qualification of the groom. But We found his Made for Each other at Varanshi, UP. She is Dr Aditi, simple family and her choice also for good and educated family. Family met and discussion went more than 6 months but actually they made for each other.

Mr. Abhimanyu & Ms Ragini

Ragini is from Mumbai and settled with family. She was working as a teacher and her criteria were boy or the family is in same field with settled family. We have tried hard for her and found Her Made for each other in Chandigarh. Boy was working in MNC company and parents have own school.

Mr. Ansh & Ms Pooja

Ansh is from Odisha and well settled family. He is working at Delhi in private company in Manager Position. His choice was beautiful girl with working preference from nearby his hometown. We find her Made for each other in Delhi itself matching with all criteria within 2 months. He was very impressed with our services.

Mr. Viru & Ms. Anjali

Viru is a MBA guy working with MNC Company, his jobs include relocation in every year in different places. For that reason he contacted us. Meanwhile his choice was also for working, good looking and same caste criteria. We started working on it, and after smart work we found Ms. Anjali. Her father was also in defense and she aware with relocation issues. She understood the profile and finally both families agree on it and we got made for each other.

Mr Ashutosh & Ms. Deepti

Ms. Deepti is from West Bengal and highly qualified girl. Family was searching good looking highly qualified and handsome earning boy. She was not working but in future she can work also she wanted to relocate. We started working on her profile and found her Made for each other in Bangalore 100% matching with her criteria. We have discussed with Ashutosh family and arranged meeting with both family and very both couple came into a relationship.

Mr. Ranjit & Ms. Soni

Mr Ranjit is a NRI and stays at Dubai. Family is from Delhi; we personally met with family and understood all criteria. Family criteria were Girl from Delhi and can adjustable for both location and must be beautiful. Also there were a issue with Ranjit height, he is below average height. But, we started working and short listing profile on all his criteria. Finally after 6 months we got a profile Ms. Soni matching all criteria. Arrange meeting both families with groom and bride and meeting got success. Mr. Ranjit got his Made for each other as a Ms. Soni.